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Due to the spread and severity of COVID-19 globally, we are postponing our All Day House Party, till further notice. While we are as disheartened as you are about postponing this event, we care about the health and safety of our community and would like to play our part in taking all preventative measures. We're still taking registrations and will inform you when a date is set!

Chop chop, let's create some art!

Express yourself through the ingenuity of mixed media by combining paint, photography and writing. All you need is a mind full of ideas and we'll give you the canvas to put these ideas to fruition! Cut, paste, chop, paint, stick and write your way to your latest masterpiece! 


Single medium masterpieces are so 2019. 2020 is all about that mixed-media ;)


Theme: What is art?
Art Fervour HQ, Kolkata

Come say Hai-ku!

Ever looked at one of those Instagram posts with short poems and thought to yourself, “hey, I could’ve written something better.”

Well, here’s your chance!


What’s more, we’re giving you the opportunity and guidance to write a poem inspired by some of your favourite artworks!

Art Fervour will provide you with everything you need to awaken The Bard in you. From song lyrics and music to newspaper and magazine cutouts, we’ve got all you need. Our in-house art experts will be here to give you valuable insights about iconic artists to help you get started.

Art Fervour HQ, Kolkata

Brush with the Stars

Why paint with Bob Ross when you can paint with us?


‘Happiness is only real when shared’. Well, that stands true for art-making as well. An afternoon of lucid, carefree brushstrokes with Art Fervour. A Brush with the Stars!

Come paint with an artist during a live painting session along with your friends. The best part? There’s no inhibition on what you want to draw. You don’t need to be an artist to join, all you would need is a little imagination and we'll provide the rest. 


As proof of not spending your Saturday day-dreaming or binging on food that you would regret on Monday, you can take a little piece of work home that you’ve made with the artist, as souvenirs of your time spent with us! 


It’s an ongoing session, so you can join and stay as long as you wish to. 

Art Fervour HQ, Kolkata

Why is this blank canvas worth more than my house?

"Why does this blank canvas cost more than my house?"

"Modern Art makes no sense."

“If I don’t understand art, how do I buy it?”


We're destroying all these burning misconceptions, answering all those questions keeping you up at night and telling you how to start collecting art. What's more, we're giving you the chance to voice your own queries about the arts, coz we love debate, discussion and democracy. 


If there's a barrier keeping you from collecting art, we’re breaking it!

Art Fervour HQ, Kolkata

Sign, Design, Rembrandt
van Rijn

Netflix X Art: Bring out the popcorn, its movie time!

To top off our all day house party, we’re having a film screening!

We’re watching a movie which combines the thrill and mystery of a heist with our common love for art, its “Ruben Brandt, Collector” y’all!

Art Fervour HQ, Kolkata

"If Picasso ever made a typeface, what would it look like?"

"Why isn't there a typeface inspired by Keith Haring's cartoonish motifs?"

"Matisse's use of flowing lines and contrasting colours would make
great fonts."

At "Sign, Design, Rembrandt van Rijn", we're giving you a chance to answer all these questions. At this workshop, participants will be given the chance to create their own typeface, inspired by some of the greatest artists of all time, including  Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Zarina Hashmi,  and more. To help get those creative juices flowing, we will provide you with a short session about the aforementioned artists and 5 artworks by the same, to catapult those interpretations.

Art Fervour HQ, Kolkata

Registrations are free! Don't forget to book your free spot, as we have limited seating for each activity. In case of overlapping timings, please choose a single event, for that time slot.

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