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The Art Fervour Ambassador Program is the first of its kind, designed to shape future conversations and experiences in the world of art.


Showcase your passion for the arts and pave the way for others to take notice!


Be more than just a follower and inspire others by joining our tribe of creative changemakers.

Our Company Manifesto

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Art Fervour is India’s first visual arts discovery platform that creates user-friendly experiences to make the arts accessible to all.


We are in a constant process of innovation to make it easier for all audiences to explore current happenings in the visual arts from over the world!


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What will you be doing as an AF ambassador? 

Be front and centre and immerse yourself in art events across the country, pitch the ideas you believe in and watch them come to life.

We're giving you a chance to rewrite the rules, get creative or even host the next big thing and bring the art community together!


Grab the opportunity and explore your potential. Apply Now! 


We have a programme type for everyone!

Our tailor-made ambassador programs will connect you to a community of like minded change-makers and encourage you to have fun while you’re at it.

Art Fervour Merchandise 

will be given to each ambassador!

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What are we offering?

  • An official Art Fervour Ambassador Certificate

  • An advocating letter as a reward for your contribution

  • Art Fervour’s funky merchandise.

  • Onboarding kits

  • Personalised marketing and strategy bootcamps

  • A chance to learn from players in the industry

  • Guest Blogging at Art Fervour with your byline for selected Ambassadors

"Why you would like to be a Campus or Art Ambassador for Art Fervour?"


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