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We are looking for wordsmiths with a keen interest in art, pop culture, and design. 

Get featured in our Editorial section. If you think you can make the cut, send us your best articles

and get yourself a readership of over 200K art enthusiasts! 

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To write for us, please adhere to these guidelines:


  1. Original Works only - Please don’t submit someone else’s articles in your name. Your article will be checked for plagiarism and if it’s not original, it will not be accepted. The use of phrases such as "According to Mc Donald (1995) ." is acceptable.

  2. Fresh, Relevant and Insightful - If the article submitted by you has been published earlier on any other website it shall not be accepted as an entry.

  3. Correct Grammar usage and error-free content - All articles must be proofread, and grammatically and factually correct before being submitted. Articles that do not measure up to this standard will not be accepted.

  4. No Self Promotion - You are prohibited from promoting yourself, your products, or your services on the blog. Also, while you may critique another individual or organisation, you need to back your statements with facts or logical reasoning.

  5. Give credit where credit is due - All facts and quotes in the blog should have their original source(s) cited. Secondhand sources or hearsay will not be acceptable.

Keeping these guidelines in mind, you can apply to write for us by filling up the form given below. Unfortunately, our editorial team will not be able to respond to each and every submission - however, we will contact you directly if your article gets selected.

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