Ahmedabad with its trademark architecture of step wells and other creative paraphernalia has the potential to become a globally sought after art destination. The city has come to embrace the cultural consciousness of art, heritage and history, which is evident from the burgeoning trend of new art galleries, private museums and curated exhibitions.

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Once home to the Lalbhai family, the museum which is a colonial mansion has three buildings which display a collection of traditional and folk art from various schools such as Persian, Mughal, Rajput, Pahari and modern and contemporary Indian art.

A resource centre and an interactive museum designed to facilitate dialogue about 'peace and conflict' using art, law, culture and the behavioral sciences in an integrated way.

The museum in Ahmedabad has a vast collection of Indian sculptures, bronzes, manuscripgts, paintings, woodwork and ancient and contemporary coins.

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A cultural space established by Purva Damani consisting of an art gallery, exhibit workshop space and an amphi-theatre.

A graphic studio and gallery initiated by Anil Relia, known for its limited edition prints of artworks that are signed by several eminent artists.

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Arts Organization

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And when you need a break from all the art...

An amphitheatre space designed to cultivate performances of all kinds, with an underlying motive to experiment and push the boundaries.

One of the oldest mosque of Ahmedabad, erected by Ahmad Shah I in 1414 covering an area of 700 square metres and has two rows of ten large dooms surrounded by several smaller dooms and is an example of

A stepwell in Ahmedabad which has a deep cascade of stairs and columns plunging down several stories with beautiful carvings made in Sanskrit and Persian script.

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