Bharat Dodiya


What’s intriguing about Bharat Dodiya’s artistic practice is his use of rice papers. It is said that we are all a product of our history and our choices, and this gets reflected well in Dodiya’s choice of subject matter for his art. Born in a farming family in Saurashtra, Gujarat, he took an active interest in understanding the issues related to farming, the struggles, and the beauty, all. 

On completion of his Bachelor's in Painting and Master’s in Printmaking, Bharat Dodiya bagged the Kanoria Fellowship. Shifting from the village to urban life, he notes, acted as a major help in understanding farming issues, the changes brought about by city life, and the narratives of migrants provided him a more holistic understanding of life in general. Currently, he works out of his studio space in Ahmedabad and notes how his personal journey continues to act as a big motivator in his works.

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