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Stationary Partner for Media Kits


September - October 2019. As digital media partners, we covered three exhibitions and collateral events with content creation and curation across our platforms and behind the scenes coverage for their 10th anniversary celebrations.

Serendipity Arts Foundation

June - August 2019. Discovery Partners for the Dharti Arts Residency 2019 showcasing the four artists’ lives in this residency programme, their various workshops; talks; studio sessions and visits in New Delhi over a 3 month period, and a behind the scenes of their process of work and creating their final works for the Open Studio exhibition.

Art Rickshaw Arts Lane Festival 2020

January 2020. Museum installation ‘What is Art?’ using augmented reality at a street art festival in Kolkata.

Sleepy Owl

Beverage Partner for Media Kits

Pickle Factory

January 2020. Digital Coverage Partner | Art Fervour worked backstage with Pickle Factory as we unveiled glimpses of their live performances and talk about their event.

8th Day Cafe and Bakery

August - September 2019. Art Fervour explored different ways of learning about the arts with a month long collaboration with a local cafe in Calcutta that showcases young artists and is engaged with the arts community. We created a platform for cafe visitors to visit and play a new game every week from their phones while at the cafe, and in this process learn more about the visual arts.

Pulp Society

Janurary 2020. Art Fervour via a digital walkthrough introduced Pulp Society as a new contemporary art gallery and project space in New Delhi and one of its kind. While highlighting the process of paper-pulp making with artists & curator on opening night, AF brought into spotlight their inaugural show �Imprint, After�

Chemould Prescott Road

August 2019. Digital coverage of the preview of their exhibition Modus Operandi.


August 2019. First digital walkthrough of an entire group exhibition with curator Shaleen Wadhwana at TARQ Gallery, Mumbai. Our viewers also interacted with the curator Shaleen over our social media platforms where we hosted a Q and A digitally.

Space 9/2

April 2019. Multi sensorial exhibit ‘How White is White’ - Engaging exhibition visitors ( and many first timers at an art exhibition ) with an interactive game, we set up an Art Fervour Station so visitors could come by, interact with the arts via a game.

Kolkata Centre for Creativity

January 2020. Digital Media & Registration Partners, Art Fervour collaborated with KCC for their Annual Conference, 2020 - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam II. The two-day International conference with renowned participants and speakers was based on the theme - Creativity in Sustainability.

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