Copywriter Intern (4-5 months)

Roles & responsibilities:

Working with editors, writers and other team members to produce content
Researching and staying up to date on the latest developments in terms of current affair in art world and innovating idea with develop exciting content
Understanding of keyword strategies, content trends, and consumer behavior
Ensuring consistency across all content, from websites to social media channels 


Skills sets:
Well read, interested in the arts and updated with current affairs in the world and ability to connect them with company content requirements. 
Team player 

To be a college student or hold an undergraduate degree.
Freshers with an interest in the arts are most welcome to apply.

Send us a video along with your application at telling us why you’re the perfect candidate to join the Art Fervour team!

Please note that because we receive too many emails, we’ll get back to you only if your application is selected.