We've rounded up our top exhibitions of the week for Kolkata featuring some of our favorite galleries, museums, and art events. Check them out!

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Exo-Stential: AI Musings on the Posthuman

Emami Art

Emami Art presents a solo exhibition featuring Harshit Agrawal, portraying the enlarged practice and diversity of AI art with experiments in media, aesthetic approach, process, datasets and themes.


Harshit Agrawal

11th September - 30th October

Gardens as Thought Forms: Lexicon for Revolution

Experimenter, Hindustan Road

Explore the works of three artists Aziz Hazara, Bani Abidi and Prabhakar Pachpute, exploring thought, forms of conflict, identity and resistance enmeshed within their distinct practices.


Aziz Hazara, Bani Abidi and Prabhakar Pachpute

27th August - 31st October

The Broken Foot Journal and Other Stories

Experimenter, Ballygunge Place

Dive deep into Reba Hore’s practice rooted in her experiences of daily life, rendered with a humanist approach through her paintings and sculptural works.


Reba Hore

12th August - 4th October

Ghare Baire

Old Currency Building

Explore the works of some of the finest artists of modern Bengal at this museum exhibition drawing its name from a well-known novel of R N Tagore.
Open for Public Viewing.


Group Show


Kāru: Folk & Tribal art in Contemporary India

Emami Art

Explore the works of folk and tribal artists such as Bhuri Bai, Kalyan Mal Sahu and more hailing from multiple regions and cultures of contemporary India.


Group Show

4th September - 30th October