We've rounded up our top exhibitions of the week for Kolkata featuring some of our favorite galleries, museums, and art events. Check them out!

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Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19, the timings may differ. Kindly recheck the space website for latest updates on timings or ask us on our social media channels.

The (in)Visible and The (un)Revealed: Inside the Secret Worlds of Kartick Chandra Pyne

Emami Art

A solo exhibition featuring the artworks of Kartick Chandra Pyne whose career started in the 1950s and who was deeply influenced by surrealism and expermentalism. Kindly follow safety protocols for Covid-19 pandemic as directed by the space and refer to the site for more details.


Kartick Chandra Pyne

Mar 17 - Jun 12

Sense & Sensations- Paintings in Ink & Brush

Akar Prakar

A series of small ink-and-brush paintings by Ganesh Haloi similar to the Taoist and Chan painters of East Asia in a monochrome color palette.


Ganesh Haloi

Mar 20 - June 19

Silence, The Mystic Birthplace of the Soul

Ganges Art Gallery

A solo show featuring the works of artist Sohini Dhar exploring multiple themes of spirituality and philosophy.


Sohini Dhar

Apr 8 - Apr 24

Ghare Baire| The World, The Home and Beyond: 18th-20th Century Art in Bengal

Old Currency Building

Ghare Baire is a museum-exhibition curated and organised by DAG at the old Currency Building in Kolkata. This comprehensive showcasing of the art and artists of Bengal, the first of its kind, finds itself in a majestic building that was once the British Raj imperial government Currency Department's office in 1868.


Group Show

Permanent Exhibit

Bare Bones

Experimenter, Ballygunge Place

Experimenter presents Ayesha Sultana's third solo, Bare Bones that brings together an intensely personal yet an expressive body of work, dealing with the body and stillness and the harmony between space and movement. Open to all.


Ayesha Sultana

Feb 11 - Apr 20

Permanent Exhibit

Indian Museum

One of the oldest museum in India showcasing a range of historical, cultural and scientific antiques, fossils, sculptures, and art objects.


Group Show

Permanent Exhibit