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We've rounded up our top exhibitions of the week for Mumbai featuring some of our favorite galleries, museums, and art events. Check them out!

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Ellipsis: Nandan Ghiya’s Spectral Emanations

Presenting works of the artist that delves into regional history and collective identity.

New Age

Sakshi Gallery

Nandan Ghiya

JAN 12- FEB 15

Algo - Portrait

Curated by Skye Arundhati Thomas, the show delves into the portraits that are being created through digital surveillance and algorithms. Combining video, drawing, painting and digital work, the artist simultaneously critiques and produces the 'algo-portrait'.

New Age

Mumbai Art Room

Tara Kelton

JAN 9- FEB 26

Tomorrow’s Land

Showcasing oil-on-canvas paintings by the artist that stem from intuition and also from cultural circumstances.

New Age

Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke

Vinod Balak

JAN 10- MAR 3

Fields of Eros and Enchantment

A solo show of the artist, showcasing her drawings and paintings that reflect an amalgamation of memories and geometry.

New Age

Akara Art

Bhagyashree Suthar

JAN 9 - FEB 22

Folly Measures

Showcasing a collection of drawings by the artist that shows the artist's proclivity towards architectural forms.

New Age


Vishwa Shroff

JAN 9 - FEB 28


Curated by Nancy Adajania, the show is a reflective exhibition of Sudhir Patwardhan's many works that have travelled around the globe.

Mixed Bag

National Gallery of Modern Art

Curated by Nancy Adajania

NOV 30, 2019 - FEB 12, 2020

Recent Life

A solo show of the artist showcasing his drawings and paintings that reveals the artist's slow discovery of himself and the richness of painting.

Mixed Bag

Chemould Prescott Road

N. S. Harsha

JAN 9 - FEB 13

It's a Normal Day

This exhibition examines the sense of normalcy that everyday offers. While each day is seemingly a regular occurrence, Baliga exposes and highlights dissonances that are overlooked or ignored.

Mixed Bag

Project 88

Mahesh Baliga

JAN 9 - FEB 29


The show assembles never-before seen archival material including namdas, furnishings, dress and sarees, scarves, design samples, wood blocks, metal dice for jaali work, drawings, photographs, paintings and more.

Mixed Bag

Chatterjee & Lal

Riten Mozumdar

JAN9 - FEB 29

A River Inside Me

A solo exhibition by the artist showcasing her paintings in which she explores liquid and its shimmering movements as metaphors for apprehending experience and describing desire.

New Age

Jhaveri Contemporary

Manisha Parekh

JAN 9 - FEB 22

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