We've rounded up our top exhibitions of the week for Mumbai featuring some of our favorite galleries, museums, and art events. Check them out!

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Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19, the timings may differ. Kindly recheck the space website for latest updates on timings or ask us on our social media channels.

Memories Arrested In Space

A group show featuring artworks transcending the generational boundaries creating art inspired from multiple themes.

Akara Art


Group Show

Mar 26 - May 5

Wall Murals

The street art project at Kasba Peth is a brainchild of artist Harshvardhan Kadam who has created wall murals in unusual places in the city of Pune.

Kasba Peth


Group Show

Permanent Exhibit

Gaze, Reflect, Gather

Curated by Sanjana Shah, this group show presents artworks that look back at the bygone year and the various creative turmoils that are reflected in them, created by multiple artists

TAO Art Gallery


Group Show

Mar 5 - Apr 25