We've rounded up our top exhibitions of the week for New Delhi featuring some of our favorite galleries, museums, and art events. Check them out!

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Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19, the timings may differ. Kindly recheck the space website for latest updates on timings or ask us on our social media channels.

Regenerative Visions

Explore Manish Nai's first solo show displaying both the elasticity and the specificity of the artist’s thought and approach through a brand new body of works crafted with corrugated metal sheeting which is often used in temporary shelters and ad hoc housing in urban India.

Nature Morte

Manish Nai

19th September - 24th October


Birds of India

View a stellar collection of Company paintings from early 18th and late 19th century featuring Indian birds.
View by appointment only.

DAG, The Claridges

Group Show

4th September - 6th October



Explore issues of internal migration and emigration, the nature of ephemerality, the social realities of the Indian populace, and the strategies of survival of the dispossessed in the dynamic works of artist duo Thukral & Tagra.

Nature Morte, Vasant Vihar

Thukral & Tagra

2nd September - 1st October


The (Pro)Found Object

Take a trip to view the representation of found objects with intrinsic contexts and posit them with linguistic values by four contemporary artists.

Vadehra Art Gallery

Biraaj Dodiya, Moonis Ahmad Shah, Sailesh BR and Youdhisthir Maharjan.

24th August - 25th September


Unsealed Chamber: The Transient Image

Explore the works of four contemporary artists featuring their explorations of of deep memory/deep time and complex reworking of media and its interfaces, mixing analogue and digital techniques to imprint images afresh on glass, paper and cloth.

Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Française

Indu Antony, Philippe Calia, Aparna Nori and Arpan Mukherjee

14th October – 3rd November


The Moon Bearer: A New Saga

Take a tour of Abhishek Narayan Verma's new body of work reminiscing popular idioms, myths and stories to ascribe irony and humour.

Anant Art Gallery

Abhishek Narayan Verma

16th September- 16th October


Playhouse of Her Mind

Playhouse of Her Mind dwells upon artistic representations of memories, metaphors, allegories, dreamscapes, among other forms, to confront the notions of appropriation of present-day realities and future possibilities.

Latitude 28

Bakula Nayak, Gopa Trivedi, Pranati Panda, Revati Sharma, Shalina Vichitra, Shalini Dam

15th September - 10th October



Visakh Menon's first solo show at the Blueprint 12 space features his consistent explorations with human-machine interactions and the transmission of data forms.

Blueprint 12

Visakh Menon

18th August - 26th September


10 Years of KNMA

Take a tour of KNMA in person and join in its celebration of decade long journey in the world of contemporary Indian and South Asian art and exhibition-making.

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Noida

Group Show

25th January - 31st October


Citing Beauty: Reimaging the Mundane

Take a break and visit a group exhibition curated by artist and writer Rahul Kumar, bringing together works crafted from multiple mediums reimagining the mundane events and objects from our urban lives.

Exhibit 320

Group Show

15th September - 16th October


From Ordinary to the Extraordinary: Pandemic Still-Lifes

Explore a solo exhibition showcasing V. Ramesh's water colours done over the last two years alluding to the idea of decaying beauty or its transitory nature

Threshold Art Gallery


21st September - 18th October


Gauri Dancers

View the artistic collaboration between photographer Waswo X and Rajesh Soni in their portrayal of Gauri Dancers from Mewar, their indigenous art form and cultural history.

Museo Camera Centre for the Photographic Arts

Rajesh Soni and Waswo X

17th September - 15th October