We've rounded up our top exhibitions of the week for New Delhi featuring some of our favorite galleries, museums, and art events. Check them out!

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Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19, the timings may differ. Kindly recheck the space website for latest updates on timings or ask us on our social media channels.

Tracing the Cartographer's Trail

Manish Pushkale's solo show highlights his fascination with visual topographies, geographies and archaeology of spaces.

Akar Prakar

Manish Pushkale

Mar 20 - May 7


Patterns of Intensity

Curated by Ranjit Hoskote, 'Patterns of Intensity' brings together the distinct and unique practices of two artists inspired by ecology, environment and the uncertainty caused by pandemic.

Art Alive Gallery

Group Show

Apr 5 - Apr 30


Na Fas

Blueprint12 presents a solo show by artist Arshi Irshad Ahmadzai featuring her works that encapsulate Ahmadzai's visual diary maintained during the lockdown period.

Blueprint 12

Arshi Irshad Ahmadzai

Apr 3 - Apr 30


Outliers, Rebels, Disruptors: Delhi Shilpi Chakra- 70 years on

A group show featuring the iconic artists who were instrumental in the formation of the Delhi Shilpi Chakra in 1940s India.

Dhoomimal Gallery

Group Show

Apr 10 - Jul 2


A Trifecta of Movement

A group show, also a part of the Delhi Contemporary Art Week and Delhi Art Week, featuring works by contemporary artists Yasmi Jahan Nupur, Koralegadara Pushpa Kumara.

Exhibit 320

Group Show

Apr 3 - May 30


Still, on the verge

Nature Morte presents a debut solo show of new works of art by artist Parul Gupta, featuring drawings on paper made from ink, charcoal, oil pastel, gold pigments, alone and in combinations; as well as sculptures of painted aluminium.

Nature Morte, The Dhan Mill complex

Parul Gupta

March 27–Apr 25