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Richa Agarwal

CEO Emami Art


Myna Mukherjee



Abhay Deol

Actor, Artist


Raghava KK



Harshit Agrawal



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1st October | 6 PM | EMAMI ART 1st Floor 

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About the Show :

Emami Art opens its door to India’s first solo AI exhibition featuring works by pioneering AI artist and Human Computer Interaction Researcher Harshit Agrawal. 


EXO-STENTIAL – AI Musings on the Posthuman, offers a deep dive and contemplation of Artificial Intelligence as a medium of art creation, collaboration and poses AI as the future of contemporary art by asking viewers to contemplate on the artworks at the exhibition.

About the Artist :

Harshit Agrawal is a pioneer in the developing genre of AI Art.  He has worked with AI art since its inception in 2015; his work has been nominated twice for the top tech art prize, the ‘Lumen’, and he was the only Indian artist at the first global group exhibition of AI Art at a contemporary gallery in 2018.  

In this, his first solo show, Emami Art presents the enlarged practice and diversity of AI art with experiments in media (painting, sculpture, text, video, interactive media), aesthetic approach (conceptual, sociological, the painterly), process (varying degrees of human involvement), datasets (from European to Indian) and themes. 


Words by Curator, Myna Mukherjee, Director of Engendered :

“Technology systems are assumed to be neutral and serve society equally, however, we know that there are biases or inequities that are coded into the AI. How can AI help us stay sensitive to the relations of power that exist in the real world? How can we use it creatively in collaboration with marginal cultures towards representation and avoid appropriation? Can we use AI to transcend the limitations of gender? These are fascinating lines of inquiry within the show that we are excited to explore.”