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A round-up of some of the best offline and online courses for you to explore the world of arts. 

Location no bar! Our Featured Courses offer the flexibility of learning from the best institutions no matter where you are based and caters to all levels of expertise - from beginners to advanced courses. 

We have a host of easy-to-navigate paid and unpaid courses, ranging from week-long certificate courses to Masters and Post Doctoral opportunities, curated right here for you.

Art Fervour’s go-to list for courses on all things Visual Arts. Offered by institutions, galleries, and museum organizations from India as well as abroad, these courses are accessible online.

Art Fervour handpicks a range of degrees, diplomas and certificate courses on Visual Arts, Art History, Museology, Archaeology and Conservation hosted on-campus by institutions across India.



Art Museum

Aesthetics, Criticism & Theory (ACT), Jnanapravaha Mumbai (Globally Applicable)

Aesthetics, Criticism & Theory (ACT) is an intensive four-month online programme of in-depth seminars providing students with a rigorous introduction to art history, criticism, aesthetics and critical theory.

Art Museum

Introduction to Persian Language, Literature & Art, National Museum Certificate Courses (Globally Applicable)

Sign up for a course on Persian language; literature and the development of Indo-Persian Historiography and Literature with an introduction to Persian alphabet and words for beginners.

Art Museum

Drama School Mumbai

Explore the multiple approaches to skill-building as an actor and build your awareness as a performer through this foundational course offered by the Drama School Mumbai.



Art Museum

Studio Goppo Workshops 2021

The team at Studio Goppo is back with group workshops on some of the most important historical photographic process such as albumen, wet plate colloadian negative, ambrotype, colour, monochrome and gum print. For further details visit their website.

Art Museum

Experimental Practices, Harkat Studios

Participate in a workshop on several traditional and experimental processes of film-making and developing.

Art Museum

Training the Gaze, Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts

Training the Gaze will focus on the theoretical and practical fundamentals of the frame and the key theorems that train the eye: composition, light, colour & tonality. Participants will engage with visual experiments and produce a range of photographs that express these principles.