Indu Antony


Indu Antony has broken away from many conventions in terms of her choice of expression, be it shifting from being a medical professional to photography, to bringing up the issues of women’s safety in public spaces through her works, ‘Cecelia’ed’ being the best example. She is based out of Bangalore and primarily works with individuals from the fringes of society. Antony’s works are reflective and significant politically. She successfully sparks discussion about the concerns of those at the margins of the society, giving a unique voice to the suppressed. In tumultuous times such as this, Antony uses her camera to tell stories that often go unheard.


She is a plant mother with more than 50 plants that she takes care of. She also has a knack for collecting incense sticks and never forgets to light one every day.

Instagram: @induantony


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