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Indu Antony

"My works have been primarily working with individuals from the fringes of the society."

Indu Antony’s works are reflective and significant politically. Her attempts at engaging with issues such as class dynamics, feminism, body positivity and trans rights among other things are praiseworthy!

Using multiple mediums such as installations, videos and most importantly photography, Indu Antony, successfully sparks discussion about the concerns of those at the margins of the society, giving voice to the suppressed. In tumultuous times such as this, Antony uses her camera to tell stories that often go unheard!

When asked about what makes her happy besides her artistic practice, Indu Antony was prompt with her response!

Her plants! She is a plant mother with more than 50 plants that she takes care of. She also shared her knack for collecting incense sticks and how she never forgets to light one every day. But that’s not all! She also collects old and discarded photographs of women that she has arranged across a wall.

What fascinating things you do Indu!