Nishit Mistry


Life is more than just a concept spent with the ticking of the clock for Nishit Mistry, as he transcends into the potential of constant motion and evolution of forms. His perception of an object relies on the journey from creation to spectatorship, while it carries inert values that adapt to change.
Representing his imagination with material cues, Nishit puts together experiences of unpredictability and ways of rejecting formality in his work. He includes art as a visual language that articulates his unconventional taste and fascination for experimenting with mediums, including earthy materials such as bricks, stones, wires, stems and wheels.

With an interest for producing electronic music and exploring multiple dimensions in design, he has established closed relations between his conscience and the digitisation of it.


Hailing from Vadodara, Nishit Mistry (b. 1992), finds his interest in initiating interaction with his environment through artistic practice.

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Blocked (2014)
in-finite 1.1 to 1.6 (2020)
in-finite 2.1 (2020)
Untitled (2018)