With its pristine beaches, Pondicherry gives a glimpse of the remnants of French legacy and culture in India. It is home to the eclectic Aurobindo Ashram which is a well regarded educational space for yoga and spirituality. Alongside these, the city has a growing number of spaces showcasing interdisciplinary and interfaith practices in art and heritage.

Illustrated map of Pondicherry


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Affiliated to the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts, Aurodhan is an art gallery showcasing contemporary, tribal and folk art.

A gallery showcasing modern and contemporary artworks and offering residency programs for artists.

An art gallery aimed at promoting established and emerging artists across India.

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Arts Organization


A multi-cultural space in Auroville of experimental nature fostering interests in a multitude of artistic expressions.

A platform for the promotion of contemporary visual art in Pondicherry.

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And when you need a break from all the art...

A restaurant cum workshop space aimed at exploring traditional cuisines and food practices.

A colonial home turned into a boutique cum cafe, perfectly suited for food and art lovers.

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