6 Things You Might Not Know About Art Fervour

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Art Fervour is a labour of love that revolves around art but is also so much more than that. So, in our latest attempt to connect with you, dear readers, we list six things you might not know about Art Fervour. And in doing so, express deep gratitude for the beautiful community we’ve cultivated here together. And hope that the future for Art Fervour is just as vibrant.

We are an art + tech startup (talk about an oxymoron, amirite?)

We’re all about art but realize that tech is the wheel which makes the world go around. When we first started brainstorming about what kind of an art vehicle we wanted to be, we realized that the being an art magazine, as wonderful as they are, wasn’t really our jam. We wanted to be that kind of cool and fun art discovery platform that we wished had existed when we were starting out on our own art exploration journey.

Our personalised art guide for New Delhi

You know what they say: create more of what you want to see in the world. We realized that technology was going to be the foundation on which we would build our vision of art accessibility. Thus, we are one of the first startups in India combining the rich subjectivity of art with the precise objectivity of tech.

We are fun team of millennials (who obviously don’t believe in humble bragging)

Big corporations have a lot to offer that small startups can’t. But when you turn up to work in flip flops or lungis and no one bats an eye, that is a privilege that’s hard to match. Millennials are different from the generations that came before them in they not only seek out jobs that offers financial stability but also want the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world.

The Art Fervour workspace, not just for millennials

At Art Fervour we’ve created this kind of a workplace. We’re working on a vision meant to spread the joy and beauty of art in the world. And sure enough, a diverse and talented pool of millennials with wildly different tastes in life have filtered through our doors to help us make our mission of an art-entrenched world a reality.

The Art Fervour team is a talented bunch but not when it comes to darts

We have a beautiful office (we’re talking art splashed walls and fairy lights)

Company culture is the backbone of Art Fervour and our space reflects that. We have art splashed walls, book shelves bedecked with fairy lights and stacked with must-have art titles, rare collectibles and kitchen cupboards loaded with snacks. The sweeping panoramic views of the city from our balcony provides the perfect backdrop to all the sarcastic conversations we have here.

If you’re ever in our city and want to learn more about the mothership that powers Art Fervour, drop us a mail. We’d love to have you over and show you around.

Art fervour's coveted spray-painted walls

The view from Art Fervour's balcony

Our quiz and art guides were a creative pivot (necessity being the mother of invention)

We envisioned Art Fervour to be the Spotify of the art world. That was before we realized that in order to become a Spotify of anything, we need to have the budget of Spotify. But we couldn’t let our bootstrapped budget stop us from following our dreams.

The solution was to get creative with our resources. We want to share with you

recommendations most apt for your personality. So, in the absence of massive amounts of data and magical algorithms, we created the Persona quiz. You play a riveting game with us and answer some questions about your tastes and preferences. In return, we present you with topical and terrific recommendations of art events happening in your neck of the woods.

Art Persona: Traditionalist

Art Persona: Mixed Bag

Art Persona: New Age

By demystifying art and providing personalized suggestions, we hope to make it as mainstream as possible. Because everyone needs more art in their lives.


We chat with artists and write stuff on art that you’ll love to read (some deep contemplation delivered minus the boredom)

The inner world of artists. The intriguing mysteries behind the world’s most iconic paintings. An inside look at the biggest events of the art world. Our AFReads is a deep dive into an enchanting world that’s guaranteed to have something of interest to you, irrespective of what kind of art you’re into. The reads, ranging from 3 to 5 minutes long, make for interesting enriching pastimes whether you’re tackling them over your morning commute or something to relax with at the end of a long day.

The Art fervour bulletin board

We also love to take user suggestions and recommendations when deciding what to write next. We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to read. Want to see more of artist workspaces, conversations with gallerists, chats with curators? Hit us up with your wishes and we’ll try our best to fulfil them.

We’re super cool to hang out with on social media (if you’re not in the mood to read the long stuff)

If you love art memes, fun games and quizzes, bite-sized artist profiles and a spotlight on all the awesome art from around the world, then come hang out with us on social media. Our corner of the internet is a bright little space with a tight-knit community of art lovers. We love pop culture, puns, obscure references, and witty repartee. Our diverse selection of art – ranging from Renaissance greats to wacky contemporary and from established artists to fresh, emergent ones will help you develop your artistic taste, inspire your creativity and expose you to a whole new world.

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