Pollock and Namuth are goals AF

Updated: Feb 15

Jackson Pollock, 'Autumn Rhythm', 1950

Jackson Pollock was considered by many, to be the poster boy of abstract expressionism. The monumental size of his canvas and expressive gestural paintings, have been celebrated worldwide. But his struggle to make it big in the art world was aided by Hans Namuth, whose photographs brought him to the attention of the media. Hans Namuth photographed Jackson Pollock in his studio, while he created his masterpieces. His photos depict Pollock leaning over massive canvases laid on the studio floor, dripping and splashing paint onto the surface. These images captured the true essence of Pollock’s artworks, as they captured the energy and emotion behind the paintings, and the evolution of the painting itself, which is what abstract expressionism tried to express. Even then, some critics argue that his presence inhibited Pollock’s raw expression. Nonetheless, his photographs provide an invaluable record of Jackson Pollock’s true artwork.

Photograph of Jackson Pollock working in his studio, by Hans Namuth

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