Ragini Bhow


A sculptor by practice, Ragini Bhow’s site-specific installations are a portal to immersive and sacred experiences. The spaces she curates out of a plethora of materials including polyester resin to fiberglass, wood, foam, to name a few, create a heightened state of perception through the interplay of narrative and ritual.

The visual import of her sculptures lies in the spectator’s interaction with them in the process of their seeing. Her creative process involves communicating with the unknown that everyday life is replete with. She finds interest in the transience of things and translates her curiosity into unpacking the in-between moments and transition states. The artistic vision that underlies her work tempts her to violate the threshold between life and death, sleep and wake, and the inner and outer landscapes. Her works are passageways towards articulating that moment of rupture which these liminalities give birth to.  Sound, light, reflection, transparency, and shadow are all qualities that she holds important in the materials she chooses to work with.

Having lived previously in Rajasthan for three years, before moving to New Mexico, she is deeply influenced and lured by the desert.

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Ragini Bhow, '333', 2018
From the series 'Passing Through', 2
Ragini Bhow, 'Weatherproof', 2018
From the series 'Passing Through', 2
Ragini Bhow, 'weighing in',  2018
From the series 'Passing Through', 2