Rewati Shahani


Being from India, with roots in what is now Pakistan, and living in London, her personal interest in what it means to live in one place but be ‘from’ another, deeply motivates Rewati Shahani's works. The loss of home, family, identity, individuality, and most importantly humanity, brought about by border conflicts, remains a central theme in Shahani's artistic practice. 


Her early work focuses on the shared histories of her current and former home cities, Mumbai and London, which is seen in her large-scale ink on kora cotton maps of the two metropolises. In her new works, Shahani explores the ideas of nationhood and place, with a special focus on human geography in the 21st century. 

Her sculptures tell stories of the current significance of national borders, fed by pervasive anxiety over the movement of people who cross them - whether free, illegal, or seeking asylum. 

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