Sameer Raichur


Tales of memory, nostalgia and roots surround the photographs by Sameer Raichur. Situated in urban and rural landscapes, the glimpses of a way of life discarded in favour of ‘progress’ that he provides are based on relevant yet fading socio-cultural themes. 

The digital medium of his work is empowered by the interactions he has with the people he meets along his journey to capture beautiful, often forgotten stories. It intersects the essences of documentary and fine-art photography at the point of anachronistic narratives.

Based in Bangalore, Sameer (b. 1986) loves being outdoors, with a special place for hiking and trekking. He also thoroughly enjoys reading, with Tommy Orange’s ‘There There’ being one of the latest additions to his list.

Phone: ‭+91 8971446867


Instagram: sameer.raichur

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'Pleasure Chariot' - Vetavalam. 15 August, 2018. 36" x 29" Archival inkjet print on Hahnehmühle pear
‘Night, Day. Work. Play’ (I) ‘Mannu’ Tiruvannamalai 9th December, 2017; 36” x 29” Archival print on
‘Chariots of estranged brothers’ Red - ‘Thirunavakarasu’ Arni 9th December, 2017; 36” x 29” Archival
From the series " Sandalwood Hysteria"
Rex Theatre, Bangalore
Santosh Theatre, Bangalore
'Fans' seen awaiting the on-screen entry of 'Hat-trick hero' Shiva Rajkumar during the premiere of h
‘Night, Day. Work. Play’ (I) ‘Mannu and family’ 25th January, 2019; 10” x 8” Archival print on Hahne
From the series "Bangalore talkies"
‘Kumaresan’ Veerapandi , 15th August, 2018. 36” x 29” Archival print on Hahnemühle pearl.
From the series "Sandalwood Hysteria"
Parvathy and Lakshmi
From the series "Bangalore talkies"
Siddique and Mustafa, 46 and 48