Sangita Maity uses a range of different natural materials, but serigraphy is central to her practice through which she explores the geographical, political, and environmental issues associated with landscapes. The materials and mediums used by Sangita Maity are interlinked with the imagery she depicts. Her most recent series of work explores the man-made landscape of Barbil and its tribal inhabitants. To depict this landscape, she used screen-printing and soil mixed with the iron ore to create a simulation of the landscape.


Sangita lives and works in Kolkata and considers gardening as one of her top priorities, almost as an extension of her artistic practice, which involves working with a variety of soils and metals. She starts her day by spending time with her cacti, orchids, and succulents, before moving into her studio, which is another room in her apartment.

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The basic idea of my recent works underline the politics and policies on land and its resources, which in turn affect thousands of tribal inhabitants living there for centuries.


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