Sanket Jadia


 Sanket Jadia's art documents violence. This young artist has developed a practice that delves into the role of historical images, mainly those of conflict and violence, and inquires into how they play a major role in shaping public consciousness. In an attempt to chase these questions and ideas, Jadia breathed life into his project, ‘‘Residual Gaze’. This project is essentially about one of the most significant post-independence events in India, the Babri Masjid demolition. The political turmoil that the demolition of the Masjid caused in the country remains one of the biggest in modern history. Artist Sanket Jadia tries to capture how ‘popular’ discourses are formed around key moments like these, through his works. 

Jadia notes that for him, it is a quest for rediscovery, an attempt to help people see the myths and mysteries that still surround this tragic event in the country's collective psyche. Using digital tools, Jadia is working on a 3D reconstruction of the masjid with as much accuracy as possible. 

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