Swastik Pal


Swastik Pal has a keen interest in documentary photography and editorial writing. Through his photographs, he captures the effects of global warming and the effect it has on the everyday lives of commoners. In his works ‘Hungry Tide Project’ and the Tide Country’ he meticulously documents the effects of global warming, the resulting rise in water level slowly engulfing parts of the  Sundarban island every year and the stories of extreme resilience and endurance of the islanders. These photographs stand as a geo-anthropological visual account of the changing tidal ecosystem: the meandering rivers, the narrow caverns, and creeks, and also the constant tussle between human existence and the sea.  

Completing his post-graduation in Film Studies from Jadavpur University, he received a full scholarship to pursue a Diploma in Photojournalism, at the Asian Centre for Journalism at Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines.

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