Urna Sinha

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Phases of close-looking are a significant part of Urna Sinha’s exploration of the living body. She finds her artistic practice in collecting evidence from destruction, decay and growth through several mediums. Her works interact with light as a physical being and the chronological techniques that facilitate its role. Her ideas are deeply inspired by the destination she reaches with making and breaking. Urna’s love for writing letters is reflected in her odes to printmaking and the everlasting spirit of organs.


With her roots in Kolkata, Urna currently practices in Vadodara, exploring the areas of origin and death through art.

Phone:  ‭+91 86709 34513‬

Email:  urnasinha@gmail.com

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Untitled,Etching _ aquatint,2019
Untitled,Etching _ aquatint, 2019
Sketchbook,2019-20 (5)
Sketchbook,2019-20 (4)
Sketchbook,2019-20 (3)
Sketchbook,2019-20 (2)
Sketchbook,2019-20 (1)
Mutation III,Etching _ Aquatint ,2020
Mutation II,Etching _ Aquatint ,2020
Mutation I,Etching _ Aquatint ,2020
Lost Organ III,needle felting, 2017
Lost Organ IV,Needle felting,2017
Lost Organ II, needle felting,2017
Lost Organ I ,needle felting,2017
Book-Pages from Flying Organs (5)2020
Book-Pages from Flying Organs (7)2020
Book-Pages from Flying Organs (4)2020
Book-Pages from Flying Organs (6)2020