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Art Fervour is India's first discovery platform for the visual arts. As our motto suggests, 'Tell us where you are, and we'll tell you what to see', we want to make it easier for all audiences to explore and discover current happenings in the visual arts in India!



Art Fervour began as a visual diary, a collection of our favourite museums, galleries, and exhibits accumulated through our travels, with a need to share the most exciting and moving experiences with you. We wanted to share these moments with a wider audience — not just our friends, but others equally passionate and intrigued to know more about the arts.



Since then, AF has grown into an expertly curated and highly personalized guide to the art world. We curate and customise art guides for your every mood, moment, and like. We aim to make navigation through the arts easier and more accessible for everyone.



We believe that art is best experienced in person and every experience is shaped by its context. In an increasingly fast paced world, we simply want you to find the right experience wherever you are.



Over the past two years, our collection of beautiful spaces has expanded over continents to include some of the most extraordinary and unexpected spaces, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Whether you’re traveling someplace new, or exploring the city you call home, Art Fervour can take you there.

Note from the Founder


Nivedita is the creative director and founder of Art Fervour, India’s first visual arts discovery platform. Art Fervour positions itself uniquely by being India's only art + tech platform to make the arts accessible to all, by pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation within the arts. With 5 years of experience in the art world, she has a strong understanding of contemporary art, the art market and contemporary artist practises. With this expertise, she currently spearheads a team of 10 at Art Fervour. She has also been working closely with Gurr Johns for the past 5 years as a client advisor to ultra-high net worth private and institutional clients from India in South Asian Modern and Contemporary art.

Prior to starting Art Fervour, she was an independent art consultant for Westin Hotels & Resorts and a Gallery Associate at Experimenter, Frieze London. As the curator of the debut exhibition for Malachi Farrell, a french artist, in the UK, she was instrumental is introducing his practise to an international audience. She now plays a significant role in spotting the best of the best in the arts and emerging artists and giving them a platform through Art Fervour. Having worked with multi-diverse teams throughout her career, she has gained remarkable industry insights that she consistently uses in identifying opportunities within the art world in India.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and a Master’s Degree from Christie’s Education, London in Modern and Contemporary Art: Art History and Art World Practices. Nivedita is also a digital strategist for the arts and a self-taught independent photographer. 

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