Akansha Rastogi

Akansha Rastogi

There lies an enchanting spirit in the marriage of artistic practice and the making of its residence on a theoretical foundation. As a curator, Akansha's experiences have been a prolific part of this arrangement, decorated by an inspiring archive and a promising future for the museum. She guides the spectator through her approach of "grazing", where she experiences some and leaves the remaining resolutions unsettled for a revisit to the artist's language and efforts.

Her engagement in several public exhibitions with a spectrum of discourses proved to be instrumental in moulding how she envisioned the museum and its position in the arts with an evolving perspective. Throughout her career, Akansha's role in the inception of art exhibitions has challenged concrete definitions that exist in an institutional nomenclature. Her journey with her projects, especially her multi-part exhibition, "Hangar for the Passerby" and one of her initial projects, "Archiving the Studio",  has also preserved her own creative process with a defying depth.

Akansha Rastogi (b.1985) is currently based in Delhi, as a Senior Curator at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. Besides curating, researching and ideating, she enjoys traveling, making gatherings, watching K-Dramas, and observing her husband rescue roadside plants, among a few ways of spending her leisure time.

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Document 2 from Archiving the Studio
The Souvenir shop at Hangar
Anpu Summer Children
Hangar for the Passerby 2
Flowers at Sala Rekalde Spain
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