The rich cultural, historical and royal heritage of Jaipur is reflected not only in the multitude of havelis, palaces and forts that fill the city, but also in the variety of museums, galleries and exhibitions the city has to offer. Jaipur hosts the world's largest literary festival and most recently hosted India's first ceramic triennale.

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This museum is a treasure trove housing more than 4000 precious artifacts collected from all across the Indian subcontinent hosting a unique collection of gold and silver jewellery, including gold plated shoes covered in unique stones, a cascade of gold that adorns a woman’s braid and many more.

A 19th century structure is the home to Indo-Saracenic architecture and exclusive stone ornamentation and paintings, artefacts from the Mughal and British times in India.

Non profit initiative set in an 18th century fortress turned sculpture park aimed at promoting contemporary art and sculpture in public spaces.

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Gallery promoting art and encouraging engagement between artists and the local audience.

Modern and contemporary art gallery located inside the Amber Fort.

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Arts Organization


Multidisciplinary arts centre hosting a range of exhibitions spanning art and culture.

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And when you need a break from all the art...

An iconic, antique toy shop selling quirky painted toys made out of bamboo and chilli wood.

Nestled in Nahargarh Fort, this restaurant provides a bird-eye view of the city it is a perfect place to catch a starry night over a sumptuous dinner.

Located in old city, this palace reflects the best of Indian heritage. Besides galleries, long courtyards and beautiful hallways, it also has a clock tower that was installed to introduce Victorian efficiency and punctuality in court proceedings.

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