The Golden Guide to Fresh AF


As a platform for emerging artists to thrive purely on their talent, Fresh AF is driven by the happy mission to lend you a helping hand into the art world. Our platform provides a space to embrace your creativity and practice, with all due credit to you and your work.

1. The Perfect Essence

When you send us your submissions, we’d like them to give us an essence of your artistic practice. The works you introduce yourself with will be a crucial part of the process. Choose wisely, it’s all about the first impression!


Yes, hit us up! Don’t forget to fill in the details on our form and tell us who you are! After all, the first time we get to know you should be a memory we preserve.


3. We’d like to get to know you more!

You identify yourself as an artist, but we’d also like to get to know you as an individual, because our platform resides in the community of incredibly talented artists who should not miss out on knowing more about each other - or us!


4. We’d like to see your day at the studio!

We understand if you want to maintain the “mystery” behind being an artist, or you’re just conscious before cameras, but we’d like to see you and your day at the studio. Use your creative genius and let yourself be seen! 


5. There’s details to share

We’d like to know of ways to contact you, where you grew up and where you are based currently. We’d also like to know about your interests and inspirations, amongst other things. It really matters to us.

6. You got featured on Fresh AF! What next?

As a part of your feature on Fresh AF, we pave a way for others to reach you independently. Your contact details are shared with our audience (we’ve had over 100K website visitors thus far) and who knows, if someone has their eyes shining because of your work like us, you could be their new favourite!

Have any questions?

If you face issues while uploading your portfolio and details, or you have any queries, irrespective of how big or small they are, please feel free to reach us at We are always here to help!

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